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Vincenzo Fiore

The winery Azienda Agricola Vincenzo Fiore has been producing wine for over 50 years. The estate lies on top of a hill, 984 feet above the sea level. It enjoys a southern exposure with fresh springs and dry, hot summers which are favorable for the growth of the grapes. His vineyards are located in Butera’s area in Caltanissetta. Butera was once called “Omphake” that means “juice from unripe fruit”. The estate produces two wines: Dedalo and Icaro. Dedalo, a great architect and inventor, and his son Icaro are two characters of Greek mythology. Dedalo and Icaro were both prisoners of King Milos. They did not like being prisoners, so Dedalo began to think about how they could get away. He watched the birds flying and he thought how free they were. He decided to make wings for himself and for Icaro. Dedalo and Icaro made the wings out of bird feathers and wax. Unfortunately, Icaro flew to close to the sun and his wings melted. After his son’s death Dedalo arrived at Omphake alone.