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Tenuta Beltrame

From the historical region of Aquileia up to the gentle Colli Orientali stretches the land so famous for its vineyards. A land which, as time went by, became clay soil laying on gravel strata, thus exalting the quality of its products, which enjoy the acknowledgement of DOC Certification together with Aquileia and Colli Orientali del Friuli. Two kilometers far from Palmanova, going towards Aquileia, lies the Tenuta Beltrame, a 100 acres farm, 60 of which are vineyards. The vines are trained on vertical trellis with bilateral Guyot systems, and impart the best sun exposure. The short pruning, controlling the buds, together with cultural techniques that give low yields focus on quality instead of quantity. In this well-known and celebrated region the Tenuta Beltrame operates a winery with careful assistance of its expert oenologist.  Among the ancient cellar walls, which have remained essentially unchanged like much of the rest of the estate, the contrast between past and present is immediately evident.  On one side, the stainless-steel wine vats represent the modern oenological systems for conserving the wines at controlled temperature, on the other, respect for the winemaking tradition has been perpetuated in a room to age the wines in barriques casks. In this welcoming environment, advanced technology alternates with classic oak barrels and, together with the vaulted brick roof, evoke the atmosphere of the typical cellars of old.  An annual production of 750 cases of Sauvignon is yielde.