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Nanni Cope'


Nanni Cope' is the fruit of the inner passion of Giovanni Ascione for wine, as well as of his encounter with a unique vineyard at Castel Campagnano, in the upper region of Caserta, Campania. It is a beautiful, unpolluted area, with vineyards alternating with woods, highly draining sandy soils, 25% slopes, and daily draughts, throughout the year. The Taburno and the Matese massifs are nearby; the sea is about thirty kilometres away, and the middle course of the Volturno river flows in the neighborhood. Vigna Sopra il Bosco spreads over a 6.2 acres surface at about 700 feet above sea level, mainly exposed to the northwest. The plants are aged more than thirty years on average. The main grape is Pallagrello Nero, a late variety with a thick skin, austere, characterized by ultra-fine tannins, which produces wines of strong personality. Its rows, directed from the east to the west, also include Aglianico, which contributes to the wine's structure and acidity; both varieties are complemented with a very small share of Casavecchia from own centuries old ungrafted vinestocks, in the nearby region of Pontelatone. Vigna Sopra il Bosco is a true obsession. The plants are registered one by one and the whole vineyard is divided into sectors subject to different pruning, foliage management, surface management,and harvesting approaches.