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Marisa Cuomo

The Marisa Cuomo estate located in the pristine setting of the Amalfi coast, called Furore, expands for 5 hectares on a magnificent panorama. Its vineyards are perfectly arranged on the stone-walled terraces along the cliffs of Furore at altitudes between 590 to 2034 feet above sea level. A sunny southern exposure encourages production of high quality grapes in this unique combination of ocean currents, mountains and high pressure system creating a special microclimate responsible for flavorful, complex and well-balanced wines. A fair share of the credit for developing and spreading the vineyard techniques goes to Marisa Cuomo, wife of Andrea Ferraioli (who inherited the estate from his grand-father Raffaele Ferraioli) creating a modern winery with great growth potential following the same style of its enological ancestors.  Its volcanic and alluvial soil is the reason for the relatively low yield but produces Campania's finest wines. Recently Marisa and Andrea have worked at replanting the vines and reorganizing the winery to maintain the high quality needed in today's market.  In 1995 after the D.O.C. appellation was accepted for the Amalfi coast, this winery received great honors for their Furore and Ravello wines. 1,500 bottles are produced each year.