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Luigi Maffini

   In 1996, Luigi Maffini produced for the first time a wine from an old family vineyard naming it KRATOS. After achieving encouraging results, he initiated a modernization of the existing family business founded by his father in the 70's.  In 1997 part of the vineyard were replanted. At present, the estate includes 12 hectares of vineyards, which consist of the original ones in Castellabate at 50 meters above sea level and the recently acquired in Giungano at 350 meters above sea level, just a few miles away from the ancient Greek ruins of Paestum. Today Fiano grapes are used for the white wines and Aglianico grapes for the reds. The plants enjoy a south-western exposure on the hillsides of this beautiful region where their unique characteristics are beautifully enhanced. The Guyot system of cultivation is used to produce these fine wines. Production is approximately 100,000 bottles of whites and reds and, with the next harvests from the younger vineyards and the acquisition of new ones, an additional increase is foreseeable.