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La Cappuccina

The Winery: Since 1890 the Tessari family has been producing wine at their estate called “La Cappuccina”, located in Costalunga di Monteforte d’Alpone, in the Soave D.O.C. area, east of Verona and a little more than an hour drive from Venice. The winery owes its name to the small and recently restored 15th century chapel once belonged to Capuchin friars. Its clean and beautiful architectural features have, in fact, become the company’s logo. More than 66 acres of high density and low yield vineyards have been cultivated with the same passion for generations up to the third one which consists of Sisto, the agronomist, Pietro, the winemaker, and Elena who is in charge of the Public Relations. In pursue for always greater quality, they have incorporated since 1985 the application of organic methods that forbid the use of chemical fertilizers, weed- killers and pesticides in order to preserve the environment and have achieved extremely elegant and refined wines thanks to continuously updated techniques. In an area so well suited to viticulture, the potential of the Garganega grape, “the progenitor” of Soave which dominates 70% of these vineyards, is fully explored and experimented. In addition, other white varietals have been introduced such as Trebbiano di Soave and Sauvignon next to red ones like Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Carmenère (an ancient clone of Cabernet Franc) and Oseleta (a rare local varietal).