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The estate was founded in 1966, with the acquisition of two vineyards in the Colli Orientali del Friuli, “Ronc di Juri” in Buttrio and “Montsclapade” in Premariacco, located very close to one another. From the very beginning, the Dorigo family realized the potential of this land and started experimenting with these precious vines.  First, they planted vines with high density using the Guyot system of cultivation.  The results were splendid!  Then they worked at replanting the vines with a low yield density, transforming the vineyards into gardens with more then 8,000 plants per hectare.  The short pruning, controlling the buds, together with cultural techniques giving low yields focus on quality instead of quantity. Alessio Dorigo realizes that traditional techniques of vinification are best suited to produce quality wines. Alessio Dorigo, thanks to his expertise and refined taste, has been creating particularly elegant wines such as Montsclapade, Pignolo, Refosco, Sauvignon barrique, Chardonnay barrique and Picolit. The total annual production of Dorigo’s wines is about 10,000 cases.