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Innocenzo Turco




The Wine: The granaccia grapes are carefully harvested in small cases between the second and the third ten-day periods of September. It is made with traditional red winemaking, with crushing of the grapes and fermentation at a controlled temperature (78°F). Maceration with the skins takes place for about 10 days with 2 to 3 replacements made per day to facilitate the extraction of color. Maturation is approximately 12 months in steel vats. It is then bottled in the Autumn following harvest and rests in bottles for between 4 and 6 months before being released onto the market.

Tasting Notes: The color is a bright ruby, tending towards garnet; the intense, fine, spiced aroma also suggests balsamic and resinous notes and a sweet sensation of cherry and raspberry jam. The taste is warm, soft, persistent and only lightly tannic at the end. Perfect for accompanying roast poultry, ideal with oven-baked fish and the “buridda” (shellfish stew) typical of the coast.. 




The Wine: This Pigato is produced with traditional white winemaking, with crushing of the grapes and fermentation at a controlled temperature (64°F). Harvesting is made in the third ten-day period of September. Malolactic fermentation does not take place, in order to intensify the varietal aromas. Maturation takes place in steel containers from 6 to 8 months. It is then bottled using sterile filtration in the late spring following the harvest. It rests for several months in bottles before being sent to the table.

Tasting Notes: Presents a golden yellow straw color and a fine, clean aroma of good persistence and intensity, in which flowery notes of acacia, aromatic herbs and light sensations of citrus fruits are prevalent. In the mouth, it is sharp, almost salty, full and warm. At the end, it reveals a good acidity, with a light taste of aniseed and almond. It goes best with antipasti and fish dishes, steamed greens and savory tarts, pasta dressed or stuffed with herbs.